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※The notation price is tax included.

* All kaiseki dishes are by appointment only.

Please contact us if you have any food or allergies that you are not good at.

We will make it according to your taste, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

* Please note that in the case of cancellation of reservation, a cancellation fee will be incurred from 3 days in advance due to purchase and preparation.

Course example
Omakase Kaiseki 11,000

Sakitsuki Sakurayu Sakura Steaming
Eight dimensions Ayuko Haruna and Firefly Oozu To Ichishoku Beans Seed Wa To Leaf Ginger Bream Miso Fried Beef Mandarin Tang Ink Dip White Fish Ball 〆 To New Onion and Crane Plum Bonito Wa
椀盛 Bamboo Child, Sesame bean tomi, Satoimo, Silk Saya, Hanayama pepper
Mukotsuki Yukigami Menuke Honryū True Snapper Kelp 〆 Tori Kai
Ona Hobogi sprouts Grilled Hualien root spring
Meat dish Ino, Sakura miso boiled
Strong Onion Taste Grilled Foie Gras Rice Cake
Oil Stuff Sakura Shrimp Stir-fried Spring Shiitake
〆 Bamboo child rice soup bowl incense
Akihime Amami

Omakase Kaiseki 22,000

Pre-emptive this cotton teacup steaming
Hachi Dimensions Small Wushu Included Walnuts and Foie Gras Miso Chicken Ginseng Matsukaze Lake Hamana Oysters Hot Smoked Noshi Ume Brussels Rapeseed Wa To Daikuro Fortune Telling Kowa To Kowa Sankaichi Beef Bar Sushi Shibare Pork and Butterbur Blossoms Yolk Vinegar
Lid, clay jar steaming, fin broth
Mukotsuki Matsuwa Kinme Snapper Matsuwa Hosome Unko Torafugu
Pottery Kichiji Shirako Yaki Fish Scales Wind Sweet Vinegar Mobari Maru Dried Radish
Shinogi River pork skin and boiled crab vinegar
Baking Potato Bar Yamadoku Activity Wuna
Oil Stuff Haze Firefly Ooze Butterbur Butterbur Butterbur Bone Roasted Rice Cake Tube Beef Bowl
Strong Tongue Maru Wushui
〆 Ground clams and truffle miscellaneous dishes Fragrance
Sweetness Tsuru


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